BCP Real Estate’s Rick Douglas on Property Values in Bosque County Continuing to Rise

Those of us, in Bosque County, are pleased to hear that despite slowing growth of property values in other areas of the country Bosque County and the area surrounding Clifton, Texas continues to increase. We asked Owner and Broker for the number one Real Estate firm in the area to comment on what appears to be another great year for property values in Bosque county.

IMG_3536“Property values throughout Bosque County and the surrounding area continue to rise,” said Rick Douglas, owner of BCP Real Estate. “In some areas of the county, we saw more growth than others, but overall this is an encouraging sign for our area.” Rick went on to say, “Over the past 14 years we have completed 610 Real Estate transactions, totaling well over 100 million in sales. We have never seen anything like the recent growth. We find that a large number of buyers come to us from the large metro areas like, Austin, Houston or DFW, initially looking for recreational property. When they discover the well-rounded community assets of Bosque County, they can’t help but want to buy here and live here.“

But just what are these great assets that keep the property values strong and draw people to the Clifton area? Rick explains, “Bosque County has a good hospital, great outdoor activities, a thriving arts community, a recognized museum, exceptional retirement centers and a great public school system. Usually buyers are drawn to the area because of the natural beauty and outdoor activities, they decide to stay when they discover that we have big city amenities.”IMG_3625

Bosque County and Clifton were selected by the discriminating Norwegian settlers as a great place to live as early as the 1850’s. Many of the early settlers could see that the natural beauty, great natural water features and plentiful hunting made it a good place to settle down. Even today many people are attracted to the wide open spaces, rolling hills and rivers. Rick says, “Many of our customers are looking for a place they can use for hunting and fishing and recreation, when they learn that they have access to all of the Bosque County amenities they choose to also retire here, it’s been great for the local economy!”